Effective August 31, 2015

Dragonfly NWI is community website that enables members to post constructive content and engage in respectful dialogue with one another.

The following behaviors are not allowed and will result in penalty cards and/or termination of membership:

  1. Anything illegal
  2. Posting pics and articles that you don’t own and passing them off as if they were your own.  (You are, however, encouraged to post a link to another article or website.)
  3. Using the comments or messaging functionality to engage in mean-spirited and/or petty arguing.  (However, we encourage you to use the comments and/or forum to ask genuine questions and give honest reactions.)
  4. Any post which engages in personal attacks and snarky put-downs.
  5. Creating drama and spreading rumors.
  6. Sharing other people’s personal contact info.
  7. Spamming and excessively promoting your product, service, company, or self.
  8. Repeatedly posting the same information.

If you have a question about whether something is appropriate, please email us at [email protected]  If you feel someone has posted something in violation of these rules, please click on the flag button next to the post in question.

Penalty Card Policy
To encourage a healthy community, Dragonfly NWI administrators will issue Yellow and/or Red penalty cards for violating the above rules.

  • One violation = Yellow Card
  • Three Yellow Cards = Red Card
  • A Red Card = a three month suspension of posting privileges
  • Two Red cards = one year suspension or account termination, according to our administrator’s discretion.

An egregious violations may result in automatic Red Card or termination of membership.  The administrators of the site will consider the context of each infraction before making a decision (e.g. how many times, how egregious, how deliberate, etc).